All Saints Daily Draw! 


ASDD is a 365 daily lottery, each day a ticket will be drawn, winners will be as followed:



Sundays- $100.00

All Saints Feast Day (Nov 1st) -$1500

February 2nd-$500

May 31st - $500

August 31st - $500


Tickets are $20.00 per ticket.  Your ticket stays in the raffle, unless you WIN!

In order to meet our mission, continue to keep our tuition affordable, and to make our fundraiser a success we ask:

  • K-8 families are expected to sell at least 20 tickets

  • New Families and Preschool Families with no K-8 children are expected to sell at least 10 tickets

Tickets can be sold to anyone; family members, parishioners, neighbors, co-workers… You will also have an opportunity to sell your tickets after designated Masses, Bingo intermission, and other scheduled parish events for which you may sign-up for in the school office. 

Box Tops for Education

You can help All Saints Catholic School by collecting Box Tops!                         for a list of participating products.Clip the Box Tops, keep them in a safe place, and turn them in school. Thank you!


Thanks for a great school year - we earned $2,505.45 in the 2014-2015 school year from the Box Tops for Education™ program! These funds go directly toward playground equipment.  



Kroger Community Rewards

Kroger is committed to helping communities grow and prosper. Year after year, our schools and church earns money through Kroger Community Rewards®.


Kroger Community Rewards® makes fund-raising easy...all you have to do is register your Kroger Plus Card online yearly and mark All Saints Catholic School.  Shop at Kroger and just swipe your Plus Card, a precentage of your yearly spending will come back to All Saints!  To register your Kroger Plus Card 


ASCS families can have this money earned through Kroger Community Rewards go toward their tuition.