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Principal Mrs. Stephanie Lenkey and Father Scott Woods 


President-Deanna Buehler

Vice President-Nate Alt

Secretary-Julie Murphy

Mark Bruning, Christine Swanson, Jacqueline Dieball, Kelly Nowak, Melissa Purpura, Christine Malik, Matt Pesci, Andrea Henline, Mindy Wayton





The School Advisory Council (SAC) is established by the pastor, in accordance with diocesan policy, to assist him and the principal in the governance of the parish school. Members of the School Advisory Council serve with the principal for the good of the school community. Members of the School Advisory Council assist the principal through their commitment to the Catholic education, intent to contribute personal talents and expertise, sense of future vision, and credibility as witness of the Catholic faith to the school community and beyond.


When the council meets and the pastor, principal, and members agree on a policy matter, the decision is effective and binding on all. The council is consultative in the following sense: the members cannot act apart from the pastor and principal and cannot make decisions binding on the parish school without the approval of the pastor and principal. Consultation also means that decisions in major matters will not be made until and unless the School Advisory Council has been consulted.


Those with concerns that affect the school are encouraged to address them to the Principal or a School Advisory Council member. Individuals may submit particular matters in writing through the Principal or members of the Council. The subject and intention of the issue must be submitted in writing to the Council President at least one week in advance of a School Advisory Council meeting. Matters that are within the purview of the School Advisory Council may be brought before the Council by the Principal, other administrators, or any council member.

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